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Ericka Coulter


Shelley Coulter

Vice President
Ericka Coulter holds the position of Senior Vice President of A&R at Warner Records and is the Founder/President of InStor3 Project. Prior to her role at Warner Records, Coulter served as the VP of A&R at Epic Records, where she managed notable acts including Rick Ross, Giveon, and Lonr., among others. Additionally, she is the visionary mind behind TheBasement Series, a live performance platform and industry showcase that spotlight emerging talent, both signed and unsigned.
Shelley Coulter is the go-to individual for Non-Profit organizations seeking to instigate positive change within their structure for enhanced outcomes. As a relationship builder, she excels at identifying needs and facilitating their fulfillment. Shelley's storytelling has profoundly impacted the youth and women, emphasizing the significance of self-love, fostering strong family bonds, and nurturing relationships. Leveraging her extensive social network, Shelley serves as a catalyst, connecting people to supportive communities. With over two decades of experience, Shelley Coulter is renowned for her vibrant personality, infectious smile, and track record of delivering tangible results. Holding a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Arizona State University, she epitomizes authenticity to all who have the privilege of meeting her.

The Instor3 Project, a non-profit initiative, envisions cultivating a community where every family and young individual is equipped with the education necessary for success. Our objective is to create an enriching learning environment through mentoring, performing arts, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The Instor3 Project recognizes the invaluable nature of time and the perpetual presence of change. Our goal is to bridge the gap between family, school, and community, so the dynamic shifts in life with knowledge and understanding will be embraced.

TheBasement Marketing Deck

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