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In School & After School Programs

2012 - Current

The Mentor Program

Writing Panel

2018 - Current

The InStor3 Project Writing Panel aims to create a genuine and all-encompassing journey for young individuals through the art of writing, allowing them to express themselves authentically and reclaim their unique voices. Throughout this 8-week program, the focus will be on how to articulate self-expression through writing and storytelling. Each week will delve into different themes, exploring personalized narratives and introducing the art of storytelling.

The Writing Panel offers workshop sessions, after-school programs, and scholarship opportunities. Each session includes Creative Writing Professionals, Mentorship, Self-Reflection & Goal Setting, Guest Speakers, Showcase Event, and Scholarships.

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Community Outreach

2012 - Current

The Instor3 Project is committed to serving the communities in which we live. Our goal is to encourage and influence prosperity minded thinkers, in underserved environments. We embrace the communities' role is to function as a watchdog and ensure that education serves people, industrial organizations, and the planet. People engage in its development, and education develops them as they involve themselves.

The importance of community is to collaborate with schools, parents, and partnerships, to promote health and wellbeing. These partnerships result in sharing and maximizing resources, while also helping develop healthy behaviors and promoting healthy families.

The Instor3 Project will partner with community organizations in support of education, family environment, healthy lifestyles, and higher education.

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